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Growth Mindset

High-growth companies need a new breed of talent to thrive. We find and place exceptional talent to our ambitous client companies

Our talent

As a company embarks on a scaling journey and teams are exponentially growing, it is crucial to find the right colleagues. Industry experts – both from the VC and Co-Founder side – say that the following attributes for new hires are highly valued

Testimonials from Candidates

Discover what some executives we recruited say about us

“I was delighted to secure a role with a Finnish growth stage start up thanks to the opportunity provided by The X Search. As an international professional originally from Ireland and now based in Geneva, Switzerland, it was important to me to work with an international team while having flexibility in my work setting. I’m grateful to The X Search for helping me find the right fit.”

David Connolly, Head of Growth,

“It’s not everyday someone offers you a CEO role. I was excited to be considered for my potential by The X Search. It has allowed me to expand my career faster than I had hoped. I am thrilled to be the Country CEO for Axo.”

Kristina Engelvuori, CEO, Axo Finance Finland

“As a candidate, I was impressed by the personal touch and support The X Search team gave me. They supported me throughout our negotiations. I felt valued as if I was the client.”

Paula Sirén, CFO

“I’ve always wanted to return to healthcare industry to have a greater purpose for the work I do every day. Thanks to The X Search, I landed my dream job and didn’t hesitate to accept. The X Search was considerate of my pace to reach this decision, without pressure and constantly supporting me every step of the way.  I felt extremely respected and valued in their process.”

Terhi Horppu, CFO, Blueprint Genetics

“This was a perfect match: continuing on my B2B tech-focused career but on an elevated level at an extremely interesting company. I have enjoyed every moment of my role at ONEiO. The recruitment process was very smooth, and I really enjoyed working with Anne and the team at The X Search.” 

Alexandra Sevelius, CMO, ONEiO

“As a candidate, working with the consultants at The X Search was a pleasure. They were friendly, very responsive, gave good guidance on the role and even sent a congratulatory gift once I was hired. I recommend working with this thoughtful group and am grateful for their guidance.”

Lauren Bishop, CEO – Medical Division, Dassiet

“The X Search considered my profile to suit Sulapac’s needs and for me the most interesting opportunity of landing a CFO role was something I had hoped for as a next career step. The versatile role thrills me as I get to utilise my broad experience from strategy, finance and funding but also discover and learn new skills. The process itself was very seamless and I can recommend The X Search’s recruitment services.” 

Joonas Helenius, CFO, Sulapac

“The process with The X Search was smooth and I felt well-informed through the different steps. As a candidate, I found the people, process and different steps to be professional and to the point. Based on my experience as a candidate, clients of The X Search get good actionable data on which to base their decisions.”

Lauri Timgren, Group CEO,

“My candidate experience with The X Search was excellent. The process was smooth, flexible and professional in all touchpoints. They were able to match my offering and the needs of my future employer brilliantly. A flower delivery to congratulate the signing was a cherry on the top! This truly was the perfect match to discover the X factor on both sides.” 

Katariina Juvonen, Communications Lead, Metacore

“I am thrilled with The X Search for placing me in my new role. Their speed and personalised approach made me feel valued throughout the process. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a career change or advancement.”

Claudia Lacunza-Senosiain, Senior HR Business Partner, ICEYE

“The procedure proceeded seamlessly, with prompt attention to all matters and clear, informative communication throughout. I am grateful to The X Search for not only identifying and extending this employment opportunity to me but also for affording me the chance to advance professionally to the next stage.” 

Maria Luukkainen, CFO, Timegate Instruments

Selected Candidates

Lauren Bishop

Dassiet, CEO Medical Division (2022)

David Connolly

Head of Growth, (2022)

Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen

The Shortcut, Chairperson (2022)

Pertti Palosuo

Yousician, Product Manager (2022)

Marika Pöyhönen

Hartwall, Senior Business Controller (2022)

Toni Pöllänen

Yousician, General Counsel (2022)

Saara Airas

Dispelix, Director of People Operations (2022)

Jens Närger

OneiO, Senior Product Marketing Manager (2022)

Lauri Timgren, Group CEO (2022)

Inga Chernova

The Shortcut, CEO (2022)

Erkka Pynnönen

Genero, Business Unit Director, Technology & Experience (2022)

Hanna Hagström

Siili Solutions, Business Unit Director, Industry (2022)

Annukka Piirala

UpCloud, CFO (2022)

Antti Rikkinen

Vaisala, Head of Sales Operations & Development (2022)

Anni Torkko

Gren, Financial Controller (2022)

Alexandra Sevelius

ONEiO, CMO (2022)

Paula Sirén

CFO (2021)

Tomi Päiväniemi

FrontAI, CTO (2022)

Terhi Horppu

Blueprint Genetics, CFO (2022)

Kristina Engelvuori

Axo Finance Finland, CEO (2022)

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