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About The X Search

We want to disrupt the way executive search companies do business. We want to make a difference in the industry and lead the way by modernising its practices

Our Services
We are The X Search.

We offer tailor-made solutions for your company’s growth, leadership and diversity needs.

Executive Search

C-level, Leadership and senior team members

Non-Executive Search

Board members and other leadership needs

Leadership assessment

Individuals, teams and Boards

In-house Assessment Tools

Our consultants are certified in leadership (individual and team) assessments, emotional intelligence and burnout tests.

Our Approach

We focus on three aspects of your future talent:

I. High-Growth Mindset & Potential:

Diverse mindsets bring value to high-growth companies; we search for a new breed of talent.

II. Diversity:

We embrace all aspects of diversity, including ethnicity, gender, age group, socio-economic networks, education, different networks and approaches to business, experiences, and more.

III. Location:

Talent can come from anywhere. To respond to the shortage of talent, and help your hyper growth, we offer a holistic approach and are not bound by geographies.


of our placed executives are women


of our placed executives in Finland are


of our assignments are C-level role projects

1.5 months

our fastest placement

3 days

our fastest turnaround from research to first interview phase


repeat clients during our first year of operations


We are as flexible, efficient and transparent as possible. Fast pace and flexible execution – without compromising quality.

We bring more diversity to companies operating in Finland and the Nordics. Our team reflects that ambition as well. In our first 1.5 year of operation, 55% of our placed executives were women and 33% were non-Finns. 
We automatically cover the Nordics and surrounding areas in our assignments.
We focus on growth, tech and venture capital companies and work with new innovations and technologies in particular.


We work with efficient cloud digital solutions to track assignments and candidates and grant clients – access 24/7.
We always use a fixed fee (no surprises).


  • We believe Diverse and International talents are a MUST for companies to flourish.
  • We are truly international and multilingual.
  • Our team has different backgrounds, age groups and education.
  • We are agile and flexible in our approach to meet your needs.
  • We are fully transparent with you throughout the process.
  • We are friendly and easy to work with.
  • We serve both clients and candidates equally.
  • We care about our society and want to contribute by giving back.

  • We work relentlessly towards an optimal solution.
  • We work collaboratively to deliver the right results for your business.
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